Saturday, June 12, 2010

Argentina and the Military Museum

As we watched the Argentina/Nigeria game my host mom cheered on the Nigerians. She explained her dislike for the Argentinians, "You know the movie 'Everybody Loves Raymond'?" I told her I did. She continued, "Well in Brazil 'Everybody Hates Argentina.'" She didn't really say why, just that Brazil doesn't like Argentina. At least when it comes to soccer. After the game we drove over to the old military fort, now museum, at Copacabana beach. On the way we saw Ipanema beach, of The Girl from Ipanema fame. The fort is situated right at the end of Copacabana beach so you can see the entire beach and get a pretty good view of the Sugarloaf mountains too. (Pics up).

We got back from the museum just in time to see the US and England game. My host parents and I sat down to watch the game with a bowl of popcorn. After Green's sloppy almost save I learned the Portuguese word for 'mistake,' either frangaso or frango. But wait you say, isn't frango also the word for chicken? It is! Apparently there is a story or song about a goalie not being able to concentrate or play well because he hasn't had something to eat (something like chicken). So it's sort of related to chicken. After half time, both of them fell asleep 10 minutes into the 2nd half so I have a feeling they weren't as excited about the game as I was. USA!

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  1. Enjoyed the video Stan Getz sax of "The Girl From Impanema". You are the pretty girl now walking down to the beach. Too bad Albuquerque doesn't lend itself to well to rhyme "The Girl From Albuquerque ?"