Thursday, June 10, 2010


Lucia and I walked around Flamengo a bit and I saw a few of the streets around the apartment. Most of the shop storefronts opened out onto the street so at the little food shops you walk right off the sidewalk and you're at the counter. There were also vendors on the street selling churros and popcorn as well as people sitting on the sidewalk with their wares spread around them. There was everything from flip flops and watches to shirts and Brazilian flags for sale.

There were shoe stores, a few clothing stores, lots of cafes, news/magazine stands, pharmacies, and small grocery stores. All of the stores had yellow and green decorations and plenty of people were sporting Brazilian jerseys. I did see one Italia t shirt, but there were far more people wearing green and yellow. One little boy had gone all out and was wearing a jersey, a green hat, green star sunglasses, and waving a Brazilian flag. We stopped at a grocery store to pick up some produce and they had a lot of fruits and veggies I recognized like snow peas, carrots, tomatoes, apples, oranges, coconuts, pineapples and limes. Though there were a few fruits I didn't recognize so I'll have to take my camera into the grocery store sometime.


  1. Is Brazil going to allow you to stay in the country without purchasing a jersey for the start of the World Cup tomorrow? Check your Brazilian visa, the fine print, you may have signed an oath to support the Brazilian Team for life.

  2. You're right! I need to get on that...